Monday, March 4, 2013

Post Script Incrimination


She's plain. 
The groom's grandfather described my dear friend to a stranger. She shakes her head and insists that it's because she doesn't wear flashy jewelry or red lipstick.

There's always a warm one waiting somewhere. 
Ten minutes before the ceremony, and with a toothy grin, his brother hints that Jason's freedom isn't entirely sold.

I withheld judgement. I supported. I bought the amethyst dress. I flew to Texas and assured myself that foreboding could be dismissed. I curled her hair and I stood beside her. I smiled and laughed. I carried her flowers. I brought her red wine and bustled her dress. I twirled the little girls who told me I looked like Barbie. I danced with her new husband.

Deflating in coach on the way home, hushed criticisms resonate. My eyes are tired and, instead of working, I stare out the window at the snow covered acres below.

 Lord knows I am jaded, but I have never left a wedding feeling quite like this.

Dear Katie,
My sweet, brown eyed friend,
Please know that you are golden. You are strong. 
You deserve the best life has to offer. 
P.S. If he hurts you, I will kill him. 


  1. I appreciate the way you say things.

  2. Oh no I feel so bad for Katie. Lucky for her you are such an amazing friend. Years ago I went to a beautiful friend's wedding and I sat there before the ceremony wondering who the goofy gay guy was at the alter. That was the guy she married. I cried the 200 miles back home. As you can imagine it didn't end well when he finally came out.

    1. For some reason I might prefer he ended up gay. At least she couldn't ever blame herself for that one...

  3. Replies
    1. Probably the best advice.
      oh let it be


  4. Katie is very lucky to have a friend like you. I hope that things work out - even though it doesn't sound promising at the moment. But you never know...

    Always love your posts.

  5. i read through all your posts. your story is lovely. you have such a way with words. and you were right, this is too easy.

  6. If he hurts her and you have to kill him, you can change your name and come hide out here.


  7. You are a good friend LuLu, you can only be there for your friend if it falls to pieces... I hope it doesn't...