Thursday, March 14, 2013

Know Your Role

The truth is that he simply didn't like the way our names looked together on the outside of an envelope. 

Mr. and Dr. S. B.

It is the reason he drank whiskey from the bottle while I was at work.
It is the reason he flipped coffee tables at 2 am and apologized in the afternoon.
It is the reason he threw Christmas gifts at me one by one and then begged me to open them. 
It is the reason he growled into my subconscious after dark. You are a dirty bitch.

But for a moment, I believed him.


  1. love hate relationship cant live with them cant live without them

  2. Beautiful post my dear, written in emotions I know all too well myself. I have a place like that picture near where I live, where you can walk along the ocean side, and it is the most peaceful place I know.
    Hoping you find some,
    love xoxo

  3. People need to stop looking outside themselves to lay blame for where they are in life... those people need to look within for the answers...

    Emotional post for me... I was there in the past... not good memories..

  4. Good thing it was only a moment.

  5. Some people's emotion gives us whiplash!

    The Boyfriend Project

  6. This must have been a very difficult relationship to be in my friend. I am sorry you had to go through that.

  7. He sounds like a truly insecure horrible person....

  8. don't believe pricks like that. you are worth so much more, LuLu. much love

  9. Seriously he needs to get the fuck over himself and grow up.

    I hope you're ok now. Don't ever believe him, he is WRONG. He is just trying to find the words he thinks will hurt you to most.


  10. oh wow. pretty sure that dick is from my past, too.

  11. You deserve someone who isn't intimated by you, you go girl there's someone special out there for you:)