Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Reading genuinely inspires me. 
     To think. 
          To write. 
               To listen. 

Reading can put the world at your fingertips and opportunity in your reach. 
I wish I could encourage Jack's son to read more. He is all video games, cartoons and basketball. 
The attention span of a 


He is demanding and spoiled. He gets what he wants with barely a whisper of gratitude. It's not his own fault, of course. He has learned that his behavior is acceptable. I watch from the sidelines, wide-eyed. 

These are delicate waters to tread. I offer subtle suggestions only as they relate to me. 
May I help him write thank you notes for his birthday gifts this year?
Perhaps you could let him know that I appreciate an answer when I speak to him, even if the TV is on?
What might I get him for Christmas besides electronics or sports gear?

I am nobody to give parenting advice. 

Do I actually resent having nothing in common with an eleven year old boy?


  1. Oh man do i get where you're coming from with this!

    Belinda's boys are turning into horrible, s poiled little monsters that K doesn't want to visit because they lie, destroy shit and act like assholes and get away with it and they're only just starting school! WTFF???

    Aunty gift advice: Maybe a book on basketball legends/favourite sporting things or a build-your-own robot/crank powered torch kit? My little brothers loved those! My video games obsessed cousin is also a massive nerd like me, likes reading a bit and I got him into M:TG to exercise his brain.

    Those people are in for pure hell when he hits his teens. Be prepared.

    I hope you have a good christmas <3

    1. Thank you for the gift advice! Maybe this would be easier if he were a girl..

  2. He'll probably thank you later for instilling some manners in him.

    +To Me It Matters+

    1. Either that or resent me for one thing or another. Let's hope you're right, though.

  3. Kids are trapped in a big man's world; where rules are made for them and restrictions are placed on their freedom.
    Is that not why they want to escape reality in the form of video games, where everything is in their control?
    I've always wondered about that. If I had something to keep my mind off my problems, I'd jump on the chance.

    1. Well, there's some perspective. Maybe he does need an escape... I just wish it were an escape into something more productive.