Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dirty Water

In reality, the first snow is not pretty. It is not plush or white, but thin and grey. Immediately transforming into slush, the first snow disappears into dirty water beneath my feet. It veils high branches and fallen leaves and it waits until the evening to freeze into black ice.

The first snow is not trustworthy.

The ground is too warm but my hands are always cold. The miserable sky gives me shivers, even indoors. My skin feels tight and I take too many bubble baths.

Winter snow on television is false advertising.

I will drink hot tea to keep from eating too much as I relish the day free of distraction.

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  1. We mostly get those untrustworthy sorts of snows here. Do you get any pretty ones later on, or is it all an illusion made with snow machines for the movies?

    I hope this helps bring a bit of summer in, even though the weather here isn't too great today:

    I hope you are able to stay warm enough <3

    1. So... the second snow is what some people may call pretty. Just lived through my first blizzard. The webcam image did brighten my day :)


  2. It doesn't snow here..ughh

  3. I feel the image you convey, and i know it well.

    Beautiful writing.