Sunday, January 13, 2013

Piece of Cake

He asked me to come anyway. Forget about things for a day and just have fun.


I think he is the only thing that can lift my mood.

Hair loosely pulled back and eyes lined black, I'm all casual and smiles. There's an overnight bag hidden in the car.

Rum and coke on a steady drip since early afternoon. A late night game of Texas Hold Em.

Immediately behind the closed door, he pulls me close. I let him. His mouth finds me with an unfamiliar urgency, fingers sliding down to tug at my belt.

This is too easy.


  1. I know how that feels. Easy because you want it too.

    ✗ℴ ♡

    +To Me It Matters+

  2. This is sensual, very nicely written:)

  3. How the hell do you play poker? It's so confusing! You must have a brain the size of Jupiter 0.0


  4. Read through your blog, very captivating and addictive <3
    Never stop writing my dear. Much love xx

  5. Scandalous! :)

    Nike O.

  6. Oh, I fucking love it. You should see mine. We could write stories together.

  7. Sensuous yet subtle. Love it.

    I hope you can find some time to visit my blog. It would be lovely if we could follow each other. :)