Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Out of sync

Though I've never seen him wear it himself, I'm quite certain it should be retired from his wardrobe. It might be better suited to cinch dad jeans for a trip to the grocery store.

"I never said you could have it," he laughs.

I peer back at him, corrected.
For an instant I am hurt. I consider handing it back to him.

Instead, he watches while I continue to thread the worn leather around the waist of my cargo skinnies. Its silver plated buckle is tarnished and some of the stitching is frayed. There are palpable grooves just past the most frequently used notches. Of a recent and awkward vintage and with no monetary value, I think it suits me.

I smile and shake my head at him. He leans down to kiss me.

Resting on my hips, the belt is unexpected. Curious. Not trendy, but interesting. Unlike those marketed alongside brand new "boyfriend jeans" and boxy, oversize sweaters. But I wonder if the comfort in this belt, my boyfriend's belt, is now gone.

Later, as I get ready for bed, I carefully spiral it around my hand and slip it into his overnight bag while he brushes his teeth.

After all,
it doesn't belong

to me.


  1. This brings back a memory for me. A good one.

    I was browsing your blog before reading and commenting on this piece and I have to are a really good writer. (:

    1. Thank you. I thought the very same of you.

  2. OOOOOOHHHHHH girl, there are other, more interesting uses for that belt.

  3. I actually love the look of the belt! It's so worn and vintage looking practically.
    maybe one day he will give it to you...

  4. This is a sweet little story, thank you for sharing :)

  5. I love a good worn belt. So beautifully written Lulu.

  6. I love good, sturdy belts. Screw those fashionable ones that don't do shit and get caught on my belly ring!

    Love you <3

  7. I'd keep it. Anything to remind me of him.

    ✗ℴ✗ℴ ♡

    +To Me It Matters+

  8. Its an intriguing piece :)
    I should tell you, im not one of the biggest lovestory supporters, but you, here have me thinking that I should start being a little more open-minded, so thankyou :)
    Following you, now!
    Visit me at

  9. he just knows it looks better on u than him :P

  10. You've written this so beautifully, you know that?


  11. I find this to be quite interesting. I like the way you write.