Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Push Replay

Do you wonder what might have been?

Eight years later.
Metal band. Ruddy beard (Van Dyke). Extra tattoos to make it legit.
His face is familiar, but together we are out of context.
He thinks he still knows me.
My wicked breath in his ear,
                               I like to be bitten.

Sunrise recession, an escape back to Atlanta:
Salty with sins and the smoking gun of mouth-sized bruises across my chest, down my legs.

I think he expected some sort of love story. He wanted to sweep me off my feet.
I didn't want to be saved.
It should have ended there.
(But it didn't.)



  1. How much does anyone really know another? I love to surprise people.. leave them wondering...

  2. I read you link you left on my blog... I left a comment there... you do know how I feel LuLu... thank you :-/

  3. Those "what ifs" can drive you mad and yes, that's exactly how it always seems. Keep fighting.

    / Avy

  4. "My wicked breath in his ear, I like to be bitten" .....yes!!!

  5. Hmmmm I am still awaiting my love story though those from my past deserve to be kept there and trapped for eternity.

    Dancing in Black

  6. I agree with Ivette that line... yess
    I think deep down everyone wants to be saved xxx

  7. Holy shit, is this the one I wanted to know more about?!?!?

    IT IS IT IS. I just clicked on your links and saw my old comments. Did this just recently happen? Ahhhhhhhhhh.

    PS I've missed you, too. I think I'm back for a little bit.

    1. but don't answer me because it'll ruin the story. ;P

  8. Sooo do you listen to Metal? :)

    I have a new post, btw! It`s called "ANTIMATTER"
    ROUGH & TOUGH | I`m on Bloglovin!