Monday, December 22, 2014


It's my first day at work and this young girl is an eager stranger
yet something unnerving clouds our introduction and all I can remember is her mouth.

Her mouth with the corners that turn down in a way that makes my stomach sour
even though she has a pretty smile.

A pretty smile, with full lips and straight, white teeth, unaware that its particular phenotype only reminds me of another mouth on another girl.

Another girl who used to be my friend with another mouth that used to laugh with me
and share wine and secrets and shadows.

Shadows now hang low over my brow as I try and focus on her questions
though all I hear is the blurred sound of air pushed through that mouth.

That mouth of a stranger that makes me want to slap her for being such a hypocrite
with the laughing and the wine and the secrets.

The secrets that she didn't tell with her mouth turned down were actually the most telling
...but this young girl is just an eager intern and it is only my first day at work.


  1. It's always good to be aware when someone reminds us of someone else, especially when it's a bit negative. It can keep unnecessary animosity at bay. Good to see you around, Lulu. I was beginning to think you forgot about us.

  2. Having someone remind of us someone that once meant so much to us... I have odd incidents like these about him. I look forward to the day it stops...

    I hope you had a lovely holidays :-)

  3. You just made art about a first day of work...this is great writing