Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Or Bust

The elephant in the room has walked out. 

I've been writing this blog for about a year and a half now. On quiet afternoons, I like to flip back through the pages and see how the manuscript changed. How my own vision has progressed. What stories are still buried in drafts (or, worse, in memories). If you've read closely, you may have guessed that my prose of past and present are wholly intertwined; nevertheless, these bits are absolutely true as lived except for chronology. When it comes to the ghosts of men haunting these walls, there was S.B. (who could not be encouraged to speak the truth), there were "the in-betweens" - including Mike (who now finds it best to leave my messages unanswered) and my beautiful French chef (for whom stories are few but cloaked in mystery), and there is Jack. Humble, sweet Jack (with whom my heart is currently entangled in an impossible situation).

So, if you happen to stumble upon this house routinely, then you might soon find stories of "the afters" too. (Those are yet to be made.) My only hope is that I am not stuck in a loop already lived.

I'm done with the Midwest, for now.
Heading back to Texas.

Please please please, just help me untangle.


  1. I want to be untangled from the past... I work at it daily but extracting my heart has not been as easy... my dreams are still tangled in 'him'... one day I hope to be free... :-/

  2. May Texas meet you with sunshine and potential.

  3. Can't read about your future adventures. Sounds like you should write a memoir someday of love adventures! :)