Sunday, June 9, 2013

Have Your Cake

She gripped the railing and spoke to her left hand.

Maybe next time I should leave it at home.

I glanced at her ring finger, but said nothing. I already knew she was bothered.

As we poured out of the dance club, sultry on sexual overtone, we politely declined offers for an extended evening. Beyond steamy smoke and mirrors, I assured ambitious amateurs that our phone numbers would do them no good.

A few steps away, Laila was exposed under the jaundiced glow of a street lamp. The multifaceted cut so carefully selected for her would glimmer under even the grimiest bulb.

Man, don't waste your time. She's married. 

The corners of her smile fell a little.
Anyone could see this was new to her.


  1. Awe that first time going out after you are either engaged or married... realizing this was it...

    However; if this was me and it had been my David... I would have showed that rock off to all... I guess sometimes it might mean you are little unsure if you are not so comfortable.

    I love your writing LuLu :)

  2. beautiful writing, as usual.

    thanks so much for your comment :) I like 'pet' too, lol. Being a fly on my wall would probably be far duller than my scrapbook lets on.... hahahahahahaha

    Holly xoxo

  3. Eloquently expressed. Your writing is inspirational.

    M ♥ xx

  4. Damn, that sucks.

    On the bright side, now I know how to keep annoying guys away at the pubs. Pity this is such a small town and rumours would get started :/


  5. Well. I don't know. I'm never getting married. I don't even know if I'll ever have another boyfriend. All I do is fuck it up. Put a ring on my finger, and I'd probably fuck it up twice, and twice as fast. Cheese and rice.

    This was a good read.