Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fourteen Ghosts

I am sipping from a cool, flimsy plastic water bottle that feels utterly out of place. A dank scent settles in the air space between floral patterned drapes and other pieces. It is a feature that single handedly betrays the age of this house. A polished brass chandelier is suspended, motionless. Smooth, antique bar back chairs are tucked around the perimeter of a burnished mahogany dining table. I am perched at the head, playing host to fourteen ghosts.

It is good to be away for a while, but this isn't quite what I expected. Gradually, I have learned the cadence of the house. I anticipate its creaky floorboards. Hollow clunking of pipes within the walls no longer triggers me to glance over my shoulder as I work. This is the last weekend I'll spend alone here because Laila is coming to visit next weekend, and Jack will be here to accompany me on the long drive home.

I wonder if you have to choose a single place to haunt. As a ghost, I mean. Or do you get to flutter between all of the places you loved? Is there a limit to the places a phantom might join you for dinner?


  1. I would hope that we could see many places... one place wouldn't be enough for me ;-)

  2. "Is there a limit to the places a phantom might join you for dinner?"

    I like that thought. Good to see you writing, Lulu.

  3. I had a ghostly experience at the weekend, staying in my grandmothers house, I was sleeping in a tiny room I've always felt was haunted so I was naturally a bit terrified (as superstitious as I am...) and all night I was cold and felt this weird uncomfortable atmosphere, the next morning I found out it was the room my grandfather died in.
    Your writing is as lovely as always x

  4. I can't wait to be a ghost, all the people I will stalk.


  5. The way you write is so decadent and tuneful to the ear - keep up with such beautiful writing!

  6. I've always felt a connection with spirits or ghosts
    Maybe because I think about death a lot

    Beautiful post x

  7. i love that your writing has that haunting quality
    it must be truly awful to be a ghost
    that horrible purgatory

  8. i've thought about far are we tethered. but living, my imagination isn't tethered at all.

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  10. ooooh good question. I feel like they are tethered. Unless they are haunting a person. Then they go where he goes.